How to Play Mega Millions

If you are wondering how to play the Mega Million Lottery then you are going to find our guide to playing this twice weekly mega paying lottery below, have a good look through this guide as it will enlighten you on how the Mega Millions Lottery works and operate.

The first aspect of how to play Mega Millions is to be aware of the fact that you will be able to purchase tickets for each drawing of this popular US State wide lottery in one of two different ways, you can opt to visit a registered lottery retail outlet of which there are a huge number located throughout the US, however the easiest way for you to buy a direct entry into the Mega Millions Lottery is to use the service of the Win Trillions website.

Once you have chosen where and when you are going to buy your tickets you then need to fill in the order form, in a land based venue you need to complete a lottery ticket with your chosen numbers, this ticket is then fed into the lottery terminal and a physical hard copy of your entry ticket is then printed out for you.

Should you have opted to play online then you simply need to fill out the online order form with your chosen numbers and then these numbers will be the ones used to order and purchase your ticket by one of the Win Trillions agents located throughout the world.

The numbers you have to choose from when playing and taking part in the Mega Millions Lottery are unique to this lottery so make sure you pay careful attention to what we are about to tell you as you need to complete your lottery ticket correctly or it will not be accepted and will not be entered into the next Mega Millions Lottery drawing!

There are two lottery machines used on each and every drawing of the Mega Millions Lottery, the first machine uses a set of lottery balls which have the numbers one to fifty six printed upon them.

In the first part of each Mega Millions Lottery drawing this machine will randomly select five balls. The second lottery machine has a set of numbers with the numbers one to forty six printed up on them and in the second part of each drawing of this lottery just one ball is randomly selected from this machine and set of balls.

Therefore to take part in any one of the twice weekly drawings of the Mega Millions Lottery you need to pick five numbers from the first set of balls and just one from the second set, if all of your numbers match those drawn from both machines then you will win or share the entire jackpot for that particular drawing of the lottery and that will be a huge amount of cash!

On each Mega Millions Lottery ticket you purchase you will need to pick five numbers from the first set and then just one number from the second set, the aim of playing this lottery is for you to match as many numbers from those you have selected with those drawn out of the lottery machine.

Below you will find details of one of the best online sites where you can buy tickets for any Mega Millions Lottery Draw, so make sure you seriously consider taking part in this lottery as the huge prizes on offer really are there for the taking.

Win Big on the Mega Millions Lottery

You really will not find a jackpot as large as the one of offer on the Mega Millions Lottery and should you fancy taking your chances and trying to win one of the huge jackpots on offer then you can buy your tickets directly into any of the draws about to take place by visiting the Win Trillions website.

You can sign up as a new customer in a matter of minutes then use their instant service to buy as many tickets for any draw that you so desire, you will also be able to join an online syndicate of players to massively increase your chances of winning one of the available prizes on offer on each drawing held.