Mega Millions Jackpot

Whilst winning the Mega Millions Jackpot is just a dream for many people, for some lucky people it has become a reality and as the old saying goes you have to be in it to win it and this is oh so true on this twice a week multi State Lottery where the jackpots can and do grow to some dizzy heights.

There have been some huge winning payouts awarded to winners of the Mega Millions Lottery over the years and if you are interested in learning more about the Mega Million Jackpot Prize Pool then pop over to the Win Trillions website as they have all past results of this huge paying lottery along with the prize pools and prize levels of each draw that has been held.

You may be asking yourself just how you actually win the jackpot on the Mega Millions Lottery, well you first need to buy a ticket either online or in a land based venue and then complete the entry form.

To Buy a Mega Millions Lottery Ticket you will have to pay an entry fee of just 1.00 per ticket you purchase and then you need to complete the entry ticket by marking off a set of five numbers which can be any set of five numbers from one to fifty six inclusive.

Then select a second number which must be from one to forty six inclusive, once you have selected these numbers pay your one Dollar entry fee and that’s it all you have to do now is wait for the draw and hope as many of your numbers match those drawn out of the lottery machine.

To win the jackpot all of your initial five numbers and the one additional number must match all of those drawn from the lottery machine on draw night, and if they do then you will win the entire jackpot, however should there be more than one winner then the jackpot is shared equally between all top prize jackpot winners.

The jackpot can be paid in one of two different options, you can have an annual payment or have the entire jackpot paid in one lump sum, it is worth pointing out that different US States have different rules regarding the payout of the jackpot prize of the Mega Million Lottery and as such you are best advised to check your local State laws regarding the jackpot payout.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the more entries into anyone Mega Millions Lottery draw you have the bigger and better the chances you have of actually winning the jackpot.

This is why a lot of players enter into a syndicate as by pooling their resources they collectively will increase their winning chances, however if you have entered into a syndicate of players make sure you have all legal aspects of the syndicate in place to ensure complete fair play and integrity of your syndicate of players.

If you do enter and take part in the Mega Million Lottery then allow us to wish you the very best of luck and let us hope that you pick up at least one of the prizes on offer if not the jackpot!

Win the Jackpot on the Mega Millions Lottery

You could win the Mega Millions Lottery by purchasing your entries and tickets online and one of the best sites available that will allow you to purchase tickets online for this multi-million Dollar prize draw is the Win Trillions site. Trusted by tens of thousands of lottery players each day of the week it has everything you could possibly ask for from a Lottery Ticket purchasing website.

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You can register as a new user of the Win Trillions website in a matter of minutes and then you are free to buy as many or as few tickets for any up and coming draw you require, nothing could be easier and to win you need to enter so make sure you do just that as soon as possible!