Mega Millions Rules

Should you be thinking of taking part in the Mega Millions Lottery then it will pay dividends for you to first get a full understanding of the rules regarding this twice weekly Lottery so that you know how the Lottery works and operates and to ensure that you never fall foul of any rule!

So we will now guide you through some of the main Mega Million Lottery rules and as such you should then get a much better understanding of what is expected of you, how and where the lottery is held and what you should do if you are lucky enough to have a winning ticket.

The first thing you should be aware of is that each Mega Million Lottery ticket is going to cost you $1.00 and to Purchase Tickets for the Mega Millions Lottery you need to be at least the legal age to gamble in your State or Country of residence. It is illegal to buy tickets for anyone under the legal age and as such anyone purchasing tickets who is not the legal age will see those tickets bring voided.

You can buy your tickets for the Mega Millions Lottery online or in person at any registered and approved retail outlet. You need to buy your tickets in advance for each draw and be aware that there is a cut off time before the actual start of the lottery draw and as such you should not leave it too late to buy your tickets.

The Mega Millions Lottery Draw is held at the WSB-TV television studios which are based in Atlanta, Georgia and this is where the filming and the actual drawing of the lottery is held and performed.

To ensure fair play and complete transparency the Mega Millions drawings are monitored by independent third parties and the times at which you will be able to watch the drawings are as follows based on the many different times zones in the US. Each Tuesday and Friday the draws are performed live at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 10:00 p.m. Central Time, 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time and 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Should you be lucky enough to have a winning ticket for any of the prizes offered on each and every Mega Millions Lottery draw then you need to claim your prize as quickly as possible, the actual amount of time you have to claim is determined by which US State the winning lottery ticket was purchased from, and the amount of time you have to put in your claim varies from 180 days to one year.

You will be given two options if you are one of the lucky jackpot winners in regards to how you wish to get paid your winnings. You can opt for an annual payment or a one off cash lump sum. You will be paying taxes on any winnings and as such you should double check the value of these taxes which can vary depending on where it is you reside.

You must treat your Mega Millions Lottery tickets as cash and should ensure that you have signed the back of each ticket to ensure the security of the lottery ticket. The Mega Millions Lottery organizers cannot be held responsible for any tickets that have been lost.

Should you be in a syndicate then please ensure that your syndicate is legally binding in regards to how the prizes will be shared out and what should happen if one member has not paid their subscription along with any other rules pertaining to a lottery syndicate.

Play the Mega Millions Lottery Online

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